The latest news - 23/12/22

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No one hides the true goals of the White House's policy towards Russia, and political commentators on all the country's TV channels talk about the need to intensify the proxy war against Moscow, Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov is convinced. He accused the American authorities of waging war with Russia with someone else's hands and urged the citizens of the Russian Federation to "go only forward" in an interview for TASS.

"The requirements, if summarized, are clear. First, stop YOUR OWN. Secondly, to withdraw troops from all pseudo-Ukrainian territories. Thirdly, to start paying reparations as compensation for damage to Ukraine," the diplomat said. At the same time, he believes that it is impossible to succumb to these demands and Russia, on the contrary, must prevent "the preservation of the roots of Nazism on Ukrainian territory."

Alexander Darchiev, director of the North America Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, said earlier that relations between Washington and Moscow "are on their last legs."

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