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Root Explorer. Root Explorer is perfect for changing the attributes of files and folders, it is possible to throw in the system folder the desired program, put it right, and it will work as a system. In terms of records the program can work with zip archives, and with rar, zip archives and can not only get, but also to create, rar archives can only view and extract. Thanks to the built-in text editor, you can edit any text files directly on your device, and then transmit them via Bluetooth, E-mail, wi-fi or upload to cloud storage. Most importantly, remember that when dealing with system files need to Р° be extremely cautious and careful before some action is necessary to make a backup of the system to fail over the system it was possible to recover it. Root Explorer software for android is really a very useful and necessary application, it may be something that can not compete - type Solid Explorer File Manager, X-plore File Manager, Total Commander, but each has its own nuances, pros and cons, so how to use the file manager depends on you. News edited: droid - 18-01-2018, 21:35. If you can not download files through the standard Android browser, just install a third-party, such as Opera browser, UC Browser or Google Chrome.



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